Python will switch to Mercurial (Hg)

Python will switch to Mercurial.

I like bazaar only slightly better, but good thing GIT is out of the picture!

Note: Mercurial is the DVCS what NS-3 has been using since the beginning.


Proof that GIT is more difficult to use

Proof that GIT is more difficult to use than other alternatives:

1. Instructions to checkout the stable branch of freeradius:
$ git clone git://git.freeradius.org/freeradius-server.git radiusd
$ git fetch origin stable:stable
$ git checkout stable
2. Instructions to get the 6.0 branch of mysql:

Get this branch: bzr branch lp:mysql-server/6.0

Why most GNOME developers chose to use GIT instead of bazaar or mercurial is beyond me... *sigh*


Books, reading

I finished reading David Palmer's "Emergence". Interesting and original writing style, intelligent writing, but all too familiar post-apocalyptic, and save-the-world plot themes.

Now reading Jack McDevit's "Seeker". More space archeology, searching for lost civilizations through the galaxy. I love the Alex Benedict character. Both "A Talent For War" and "Polaris" were excellent novels.

Yesterday I mail ordered four new books: William Gibson's "Neuromancer", Juliet Marillier's "Wolfskin", Stephen King's "It", and Isaac Asimov's "The Gods Themselves". So, mostly SciFi, with a sprinkle of fantasy (Marillier) and horror (King). It's good to vary reading style slightly, once in a while ;-)