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Reading: finished Miles Errant of the Vorkosigan Saga. Fortunately, there are still 3 more books to read in this excellent SciFi series. But first I have three more books in line: one of Honor Harrington series (David Weber), one more Juliet Marillier dark fantasy book (dark mirror), and another dark fantasy book by Anne Bishop, the second one of the dark ring series.

gNumExp: is a bit more polished now:
  • one can control startup modules from gnumexp and have numexp-client honor these settings;
  • gnumexp now is able to manually spawn numexp-kernel if bonobo-activation fails to find it for some reason. A nice side-effect of this is that one can see numexp-kernel stdout in the shell that launches gnumexp, when the kernel is manually launched, so I just might one day make this method the default and redirect kernel output for better debugging.
PhD: my first year PhD report is beginning to take shape, and is proving a good exercise to settle down ideas and force me to search for citations that support the facts I think I already know. Plus, I hope I can reuse this text when I start writing my thesis in two and half years, so it is not wasted work and it makes me write the text more carefully, like in a paper.

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