PyBindGen has new home page

PyBindGen finally has a home page: http://code.google.com/p/pybindgen/

Why it needs a home page:
  • Launchpad does not directly provide downloads, it only mirrors existing downloads;
  • Launchpad has no Wiki;
  • Launchpad does not allow me to host documentation.
So I decided to use Google Projects for hosting PyBindGen. So now we have:
  • Documentation is hosted in the google project. I upload it via subversion (slightly painful but doable), and users can browse the svn http url directly to view the documentation online;
  • Wiki pages are always useful and google project has a good wiki system;
  • Downloads in google project.. currently no downloads, but I'll put them up some other day;
  • Bug tracking and code hosting are still handled by launchpad, as usual. Thankfully google project allows me to override the Source and Issues tabs, to redirect users to launchpad instead.
In other news, pybindgen based python bindings for NS-3 have finally been merged!

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