WAF 1.5.x

WAF 1.5 has been out for a long time already. However, it changes so much of the API that did not have time yet to port any of projects to it. Additionally, it had more bugs and less portability testing when it came out, compared to WAF 1.4.x.

With the holiday season I finally found a bit of time to pick up on WAF development. First with testing the portability of WAF on non-linux platforms. I have tested, and fixed bugs, on Win32 (both cygwin and mingw, but not msvc unfortunately), and Mac OS X.

Next I started porting some projects. I have created experimental branches using the new WAF for PyBindgen, GnomePython, and GnomePythonDesktop. NS-3 will be harder, but hopefully I should get to it too, eventually. More WAF bug fixing ensued.

There's a catch. I have found some limitations in standard WAF trunk, namely the lack of a good system-command/makefile-rule system. Since I do not wish to continually clash with Thomas Nagy over my "vision" for WAF, I simply created a new waf bazaar branch, thanks to launchpad vcs imports. The projects I have been porting all use this modified WAF version. Thankfully, merging with bazaar is a breeze, so keeping my branch in sync with WAF trunk is very painless.

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