About Horns

"[...]Horns are simply the natural consequence of every legal marriage, its correction, so to speak, a protest, so that in this sense they are not humiliating in the least... And--absurd as it is to think of it--if ever I wind up in a legal marriage, I will even be glad of your thrice-cursed horns; in that case I'll say to my wife: 'My friend, before now I have only loved you, but now I respect you, because you've been able to protest!' You laugh? That's because you're not strong enough to tear yourself free of prejudices! Devil take it, don't I know precisely what makes it so unpleasant when you're deceived in the legal sort? But that is merely the base consequence of a base fact, in which both parties are humiliated. But when the horns are given openly, as in civil marriage, then they no longer exist, they are unthinkable, and lose even the name of horns. On the contrary, your wife will merely be proving how much she respects you, by considering you incapable of opposing her happiness and developed enough not to take revenge on her for her new husband. Devil take it, I sometimes dream that if I were given into marriage--pah!--if I were to marry (civilly or legally, it makes no difference), I think I'd bring my wife a lover myself, if she was too slow in taking one. 'My friend', I'd say, 'I love you, but beyond that I wish you to respect me--here!'. Is it right, is it right what I'm saying?..."
Dostoevsky, "Crime and Punishment" (the book I am currently reading).

So, remember folks, if your wife gives you horns, she "will merely be proving how much she respects you"! :D

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Claudia Sousa Dias said...

vou ter de ler o livro!

mas em português...