Play time over

Alas, today is my last day of vacations. Tomorrow I'll have to get back to work, and start writing my first year Ph.D. report. Ugh..

Yesterday night went to see the fireworks of the "popular party" here where I live. I found them most impressive, better than I've ever seen here.

I won't have much hacking time from now on, but luckily gNumExp is well advanced already. Besides the boring but easy job of porting the scatter and parametric plot objects to the new canvas system, one of the things that had me most worried was to render MathML inside a goocanvas widget, in order to present it in the legend. Thankfully, that part has just been solved. :-) It wasn't easy; I had to fix a couple of pygobject bugs first, and do some coding in pygoocanvas to support subclassing from goocanvas.ItemSimple and goocanvas.ItemViewSimple, including access to most fields.

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