Spent a couple of hours in the morning/early afternoon trying to figure out why calling get_bounds() on a goocanvas.Group returned -32768 and 32767 as min/max x and y. My instincts told me it must be a bug in goo_canvas_text_item_update, but as it turns out my instincts deceived me; the item that returns wrong bounds is actually a GooCanvasPath. So I've narrowed where the bug must be, but it could still be a bug not only in goocanvas but also in cairo. Didn't have time to pursue the matter further as it was time to head for the beach.

Had a wonderful afternoon at the beach: nice and warm sun, light breeze, and really nice water. As usual, enjoyed some more reading of Miles Errant.

Got home, went to the gym, then late dinner.

Made a gnome-python release. Unfortunately my mind was not sharp anymore and couldn't stand more hacking. Just watch some TV, then a bit of reading, then bed.

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